end extreme poverty

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Welcome to the multi-trillion dollar decentralized GDP

a coin for opporunity

The current global financial systems create mass inequality. Humanity Nodes is part of a new global economic system to create bottom-up empowerment available to all.

a coin for community

Opportunity is mostly determined by your connections. Humanity Nodes NFT connects you with your peers who are building the opportunities of today and great companies of tomorrow.

a coin for equality

HN allows global communities to rally around great ideas that should exist and use cooperative entrepreneurship, the building tools provided by the Humanity Ecosystem, and Humanity Nodes NFT to turn those ideas into reality.

About humanity nodes

Humanity Nodes was established to create a global non-governmental human social-net that ensures a minimum above extreme poverty existence for all its participants. It represents the realization of the promise of blockchain technology to make things better for all humanity. HN is designed to be interoperable with all existing relevant blockchain projects.

Humanity Nodes – We grow as one.

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THE Problem

Humanity Nodes seeks to end extreme poverty globally, a goal that aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). HN is addressing extreme poverty through a mulitsided platform where members can monetize their most valuable asset, their time, through a pledge to provide work.
It is estimated that there are 413 million people in sub-Saharan Africa surviving on less than $1.90 per day, of whom 100 million are living in Nigeria. For this reason the original operational point for HN is Nigeria.

THE solution

Humanity Nodes is an active ecosystem developed with the community members at its core. HN uses three main drivers to create value that can be distributed as income and wealth to its members; Personal Natural Resources, blockchain technology, and community focused business architecture.
Personal Natural Resources: The HN platform addresses extreme poverty through the Personal Natural Resources (PNR) proprietary mining protocol. PNR permits community members to turn pledges of me into a $2+ daily wage and/or equity wealth in the form of start-up investments.
The pledges consist mostly of the following assignments: Growing Community, Education and Coaching, Creating and Sharing Content, Transactions with other ecosystem units, Ecommerce, Verifying Identity, and Scoring Completed Tasks.

the humanity roadmap

the humanity Pillars

personal natural resources

HN gives users the opportunity to accrue wealth by monetizing that which we all have – time. HN is a multisided platform that gives users the opportunity to find jobs for a multitude of industries, connecting businesses to a skilled labour pool.

Blockchain technology

Humanity nodes educates and allows users to use the capital gained through personal natural resources to invest in a variety of currencies, stocks, cryptos and commodities. HN will match investments 1:1 to further incentivise financial independence.

business architecture

African Startup League is a unique studio platform where we connect entrepreneurs with strategists, creatives, engineers, community and capital to design, build and launch businesses. A yearly competition allows for 100 winners to gain business investment.

how to get involved

buy humanity nodes coin

You can purchase your HNM.BEQ coin(s) on Pancake Swap, through Web 3 Africa or follow the instructions through this link.

exchanage coin for NFT on draft day

After purchasing your coin(s), you will be required to exchange it for an NFT starting on August 8th. You will then get access the the draft to select your sponsor(s).

sponsor your community member

Select from a pool of 150k + African workers from a variety of industries. This gives you the opportunity to select the talent that you believe will prosper/benefit the most.

earn 4% royalties on all pNR

With each NFT, you will earn 4% royalties on all lifetime earning from each of your sponsored members. With the goal of elevating members to middle income ($12k US p/y), returns with multiple NFTs can be substantial.