The Humanity Nodes ecosystem is complex, rewarding all those involved

Humanity Node Protocol (HNP) has run a blockchain based extreme poverty eradication program for over 4 years registering over 100,000. People register for free and do one of six tasks (recruiting, coaching, creating content, sharing content, verifying identity and quality control). They are paid a wage above the extreme poverty line. During that period HNP realized the biggest economic opportunity in the world is the acceleration of the multi-billion dollar decentralized GDP of Africa into the trillions. Humanity Nodes has become an accelerant for the DGDP of Africa by providing critical decentralized business architecture centred around the issuing of 300,000 Humanity NFTs and the creation of the 10,000 team – African Startup League. These Humanity NFTs will be issued to 300,000 individual KYCd(verified identity) Africans in the month of August 2022 who will serve as the operators of the 300,000 NFT business hubs.

The Humanity NFTs will operate as the 300,000 digital commerce hubs facilitating decentralized financial transactions, distribution of goods and verifying of identity among other offerings that generate income for the Humanity NFT owner and Humanity NFT royalty owners. Humanity NFTs will also accelerate the growth of the D(ecentralized) GDP of Africa by providing needed systems.

Each Humanity NFT business hub is required to maintain at least 100 registered members at all times ensuring the Humanity NFT ecosystem maintains a minimum of 30,000,000 participants.

Humanity NFTs generate income from all of its registered members’ activity including converting time to crypto by doing tasks, all financial transactions, all goods sold and distributed. They also generate income from getting people to stake with them and all startups created and monetized through their Humanity NFT in partnership with African Startup League.

angels & Ambassadors Club

Build lifetime residual income

The Ambassador Club is the precursor to the establishment of the distribution arm of the Humanity Node Protocol ecosystem. The distribution arm will be the exclusive direct network seller of goods to the humanity ecosystem members. Ambassador Club will have a maximum of 300 members. Ambassador Club members will all be seated at the top of the distribution structure upon establishment in September 2022. The first 300 HMN.BEQ holders with a minimum 100 HMN.BEQ that they convert(sponsorship) will be established as the Ambassador Club. The Ambassador Club will split a 5% Lifetime Royalty with the 300 top performers from the Humanity Node Protocol Network.

Humanity Node Sponsorship

To sponsor a Humanity NFT one must simply own a HMN.BEQ token between August 8th and August 31 and then elect to convert that token into the two new assets – Humanity NFT (if you are an eligible and register profile) or earn money with of all the income generated via 4% NFT Royalties for life and HNFT.EQ the future token of the ecosystem.

Ambassador Recruiting Bonus Program

For every coin that someone your register buys and converts the referrer will receive a matching coin to convert – 1 for 1 and the referred will receive a 1 coin bonus coin for every 5 he purchases (20% gift). For every second generation referral the original referrer will receive a 2% royalty. For example see the chart below.

What does this look like for sponsors?

Every coin you have and you convert as a Ambassador Club member is a NFT that will be permanently placed under you in the distribution tree. For example Joe purchased 1,000 coins and earned 5,000 coins when Jennifer purchased them, giving him 6,000 coins to convert. When he converts he will receive 6,000 of our new coin HNFT.EQ and 6,000 4% Royalty NFTs. Additionally he will have 6,000 Humanity NFTs front line to him in the distribution tree each eventually with a 100 people minimum each therefore Joe will have 600,000 people put in his potential downline day one.

This cycle repeats for each stage of Humanity Nodes. For example, if Jade continues with referrals, the cycle continues and she will benefit from the same referral scheme as Joe.

The ecosystem - a deep dive

Humanity Nodes is launching a human rights campaign to support the building of Humanity Tech. We define Humanity Tech as technology that helps humanity achieve the United Naons Sustainable Development Goals as stated in 2015 by the United Naons General Assembly (UN-GA) with an aggressive goal of reaching them by 2030. Initially Humanity Nodes initiatives will focus on the first 8 SDGs which are: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well Being, Quality Educaon, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitaon, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth HNP will focus on blockchain based soluons and companies that address the first 8 SDGs. See the video below for a breakdown of all 17 SBDs

The humanity nodes blueprint

The humanity nodes Tokenomics

The humanity nodes Tokenomics